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The Baltics~

I miss Poland there



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I like how this type of coloring came out when I drew nyo!Norway so I decided to draw some sufin too c: I’ve never drawn them in their official clothes and I tried to go off of Himaruya’s blurry sketch, and it was especially hard to decipher what excactly Finland’s clothes looked like?? Anyways I hope I did a good job


花たま夫婦らくがき by ヲギ (pixiv id: 1485146, tumblr: w0gi)

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today on “thats not my fucking birthday”

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Transparency Source

Alrighty everyone! Here’s our character of the week! Actually, my sister’s favorite character is The Netherlands, so I’m excited to be able to do him. Anyway, here are some basic facts on our favorite Dutchman!

  • He lacks a canon height, however his sister, Belgium, has described him as “tall and handsome” 
  • He also lacks a canon name, however Himaruya stated that he liked the names Tim, Govert, Abel, and Mogens
  • Originally, in a response to a fan question in 2007, Himaruya said that he wanted to make The Netherlands a tsundere, who is xenophobic and loves to fight. However it is unknown whether he kept these characteristics
  • His volume 3 profile states him as a “solemn,  neat-freak, downer, scheming older-brother”
  • Later on, he is described as a “neurotic, solemn, free older brother, who hates tied things and messy gardens”
  • According to Belgium, he enjoys reading romantic poems
  • He buys his cooking supplies from Germany
  • He “goes Dutch” when it is convenient for him
  • Initially, he was said to be a strong strategist, and is world-dominating type of man.
  • In the Christmas 2011 strip, he prevented others from going to Japan’s house with a seemingly murderous aura, and refused to let his guard down.
  • He and his sister are said to have “difficult relations”
  • However, in modern times, the two seem to have reconciled and they now spend time together. 
  • Out of Luxembourg, Belgium, and The Netherlands, Netherlands is the oldest sibling.
  • He looks like this with his hair down


And that’s about it! Well, of course there are some other things to keep in mind about The Netherlands, but these are just some basic facts. Remember, if you have an idea for who you want as the next character of the week, don’t be afraid to send us a message!

Have a nice day!

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uh oh